I just did what?

I’ve been sitting here reading my blogging friends posts and I’ve managed to eat half a box of almond cookies.  YIKES, I’m afraid to take my blood sugar in the morning!  I found these cookies at the dollar store and between 2 visits, bought 15 boxes … LOL … good thing it was the dollar store!   I’ve been real good about eating a serving size portion a day, but tonight I was so involved in reading everyones blog, that I lost control.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow and I’ll take more blood sugar meds tonight. 

Geek Hiker said something interesting on his post today.  That he has made more friends over the internet than in person.  I have to agree with him.  I have acquaintances, but no real friends.  It’s just hubby and I and if I had to be rushed to the hospital, I’d have to rely on hubby, as there are no close friends here.  If we both were injured at the same time, how would we get to and from the hospital, doctor, etc.?  I can see where one would be concerned.

My sister keeps telling us to move back to Vegas, but where would we live?  Where would we work?  And most importantly, what about our most needed insurance?  Without a job, we wouldn’t be able to pay our bills and without insurance, we wouldn’t be able to pay for our monthly prescriptions.  As much as I would like to move back to Vegas, I’m not sure it would be the right thing to do at the present time.  I do miss our family in Vegas, but there’s a reason we are here, alone with no family around, except for each other.

So why do we feel more comfortable becoming friends with people online than in real life?  Why is it so much easier for me to be raw and real online, than in person?  I think part of it is that I’m not sure how one would take my sense of humor.  It can be twisted and quirky along with dry and dark.  LOL … then it can be just goofy!  I spent way too much time around musicians and stagehands growing up that it has warped my sense of humor.  But if it wasn’t for these people, I wouldn’t be what I am today … and what is that?  LOL … I have no idea.  I just see things a different way than most normal rational people.  Some of my greatest childhood memories are from hanging around these people backstage.  I’ve had a very abnormal childhood, but I wouldn’t trade it for a normal one!


7 thoughts on “I just did what?

  1. It’s easier online because the things that we initially judge people on are missing, so all that’s left are thought. Whether we like it or not, the first time we meet another person, before even a word is spoken, we pass judgment on them. For how they look, what they wear, what kind of shape they’re in, etc. It’s an old defensive mechanism: you’re meeting a stranger, your brain sizes them up.

    Online, with all of that stuff rendered mute, it’s easier to simply talk…

  2. I met the Wife on-line. We joke that we would never have given the other a second glance if we’d passed each other on the street. On-line was the only way it would happen.

    The GH, he does get you thinking doesn’t he?

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