Another challenge!

So what’s inside my fridge???

Water, Diet Coke, Milk, OJ, Smart Balance, Left over Chinese Food from last night, bacon, eggs, apples, onions, tortillas, cheese and lunchmeat.  No veggies, haven’t you heard?  They are bad for you!  LOL

This is the scary side – the door!  There’s wine (we don’t drink, a present from hubby’s old boss), strawberry and blueberry preserves, pickles, steak sauce, Mayonaise (hubby’s), Miracle Whip (mine), Dill Relish (hubby’s), Sweet Relish (mine), EXPIRED Acidopholis (sp?)…EEWW, more condements and real butter.  Oh yeah, there’s also left over nasea suppositories from my surgery … LOL, aren’t ya glad I shared!

The fridge is pretty sparce compared to Single for a Reason and Sweetiegirlz.   Go on, take the challenge, what do you have to lose?


5 thoughts on “Another challenge!

  1. I have to say…. i did not see almond cookies in that fridge! lol. It’s a toss up to see which one of us has the most twisted humor. I was going to photo shop a pac man into my fridge, but I’m just not that tech savvy.

  2. SG – LOL, the boxes of cookies are in the freezer. Oh no, now there’s gonna be a freezer challenge.

    GH – LOL, on the bravery. I figure, if ya’ll were visiting, you’d see the inside of the fridge eventually, so I might as well reveal it! As for your last post being gutsy … sometimes we just have to spill what’s on our mind to let it go.

  3. Well, I am totally struck by how organized the frig is. Side door and all.

    Plus, you seem to have more liquids than foods which is probably a good thing.

    Thanks for rising to the challenge. Love the suppository inclusion. Hey, this is reality blogging people!

  4. w1kkp – LOL, hubby has it organized. If it were just me, well, it would be a disaster!

    Welcome, it’s so nice of you to stop by! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!

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