I voted, did you?

As you know, I’m a fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  One can either like it or loathe it.  I LOVE to dance.  I’m a tomboy with a heart of a dancer.  Yeah, I know, I have many extra pounds on me also, however, to watch these kids (20 somethings and younger) dance many different styles of dance, completely opposite of their normal dance style is amazing to watch. 

Tonight I enjoy the couples the judges didn’t like.   I know some of the contemporary styles were brilliant according to the judges, however, I didn’t get it and I have never gotten contemporary dance styles.   It wasn’t one of my favorites when I took dancing, at that time called “Modern Dance”.  The last dance of the night, by Katie and Joshua, W O W !!  It was pretty cool.  It’s called “Bollywood”

An international dance which has a mixture from all over the world.

Here’s their Samba: 

I’m really glad Twitch is still on, here’s his audition: 

You have got to see this guy – I never knew what popping was, but he shows you: 


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