What’s on your fridge?

Since I have nothing interesting to write, I am going to follow with Sweetiegirlz and Single for a Reason’s challenge.  Here’s a copy of what’s on my fridge … scary, I can’t belive I am doing this LOL!!!

I have fishing magnets on my fridge, along with our calendar, a notice that our street is being resealed today, picture of our grandson, Noah, my blood lab slip (so I don’t forget), my prescriptions (again, so I don’t forget  .. LOL ), church key, a poem from church, badge for breakout, plastic container for my markers to mark the calendar, a card for our next doc appointment,  a recipe, blank panda paper to list things we need, a picture of our son’s friend’s children, Papa Murphy’s menu, Constable’s card and a beef coupon … LOL … yikes!

I’m not happy with filling up the front, I have to fill up the side also, so, the first pic is from an animal calendar, the second is a pic of our dog and the cat he used to spoon with when he lived with his previous owners,  retirement payday schedule, and menus.   Oh yeah, and more magnets!

If you were looking for more pics, I have those all around my house in frames.  Our middle daughter calls it the memorial!  I have pics on the shelves and eye level as you sit on the couch, etc.  I love pics of our family.

We are watching Tom Jones, rocking out on Direct TV, so I had better go dirty dance with hubby … LOL – nighty night ya’ll!


6 thoughts on “What’s on your fridge?

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  2. Our fridge in California used to be completely covered in magnets that we bought on vacation. We haven’t put them up on our Omaha fridge yet so it’s pretty bare.

  3. My fridge is pretty simple: a few magnets from national parks, a couple of receipts for things I might be returning, a clipping of local farmers markets, a restaurant or two I keep meaning to try. Booo-ring!

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