Sunday Outing

I meant to take pics of our first activity this morning … the shooting range.  However, I was so involved with shooting that I forgot all about taking pics.  The shooting range is just past the Animal Shelter on the way to the dump in Gardnerville.

Up the street from the Animal Shelter, the one hubby retired from, was the herd of wild horses that he always saw driving to and from work.   They had a baby with them, but they were too far away for my phone camera to pick up.  I took a pic on a regular camera, but I have to get it developed.  They had wandered into a yard through a wide open gate.   The house looked vacant, must be why they felt comfortable with going in.

Then we went to the store, picked up chicken strips and salad, went to Lampe Park for a picnic.  The table was next to this creek and these two were enjoying the water.

After the park, we took a drive through Genoa, NV.  A quaint little town at the foothills of the Eastern Sierras.  On the way, I saw a couple of cowboys moving the herd from one field to the other.  Those pics didn’t turn out because we were too far away.  However, I did get a pic of some other cattle.

On the road just outside of Genoa, we took pics of the Carson Valley.  These pics are looking east from the Sierra Foothills.

The atmosphere is still a bit hazy from the CA wildfires, however, not as bad as it has been.

All in all a pretty good outing,  Now home, we are ready for a nap!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!  Later.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Outing

  1. that would have been awesome to take pictures of the baby horse! Sounds like you had a good time. And believe it or not, I don’t ever think I’ve seen a real cowboy in person except on T.V.

    Just also wanted to thank you for your comment on Doug’s behavior earlier. I just wanted to let you know that by no means do I think I am perfect, I just blog about stuff and he doesn’t.

    Take care, (((hugs)))sweetie

  2. SG – I hope the pic on our regular camera turns out.

    As for the cowboys, they were dressed pretty casual, however, when we lived South of Gardnerville, I was driving to work and as I reached the top of a hill, I ran into cattle and cowboys … They were moving the herd to the winter fields. It took me by surprise since I was driving way too fast PLUS it was a scene right out of the old west days.

    Nobody is perfect, but at least you get it off your chest by blogging. So, did you get rid of the frying pan yet? LOL, hubby knows not to go to sleep when I’m mad, I keep telling him there’s a fryin’ pan with his name on it!

    GH – Thanks, I remember you talking about the Sunday drives you and the “parentage” used to take. We were up early to shoot, then decided it would be too hot to go home to the no air house.

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