Jibber Jabber

We had our standing monthly visit with our doc to check on the progress of our illnesses. (His lungs/my diabetes)  Hubby now has diabetes and has to start taking meds.  He’s not too thrilled about that, but we seem to do things together!!  LOL … I told the doc that when it’s time for us to go, we are going together!  Something like the way the uncles did in Second Hand Lions.  Hubby has to see an orthopedic specialist for their advice on his rotary cuff.  Doc’s guess is surgery, however, we will wait and see what the bone carpenter says.   Unfortunately, with the smoke from all the fires in Northern California, his asthma is really acting up.  I had to use my inhaler this morning, to help open my lungs, so I can only imagine how hubby feels.

My diabetes still isn’t under control.  With me being sick earlier this month, my blood sugars went wacky, so I have to get my diet under control.  It will be helpful, now that we both have to watch our diet.

We spent the rest of our doc visit, laughing and joking with our doctor.  We are going to try and find a box of black latex gloves and a box of camouflage latex gloves, for his exams.  LOL, I told you the doc is as twisted as we are!  But, I would so much rather have a funny twisted doc, than a no personality one that is only in the room for a minute or two.

When we got home, we watched the last 2 episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels.  OMG, I love this show, it makes me laugh so hard!  Then we watched one of the episodes of In Plain Sight.  I still have last Sunday’s on the DVR to watch.

As for work, I ended up getting another copy machine for work.  I’ve moved the old one to my desk, since it is also a scanner.  I’m going to have the computer guys hook it up to my computer so we can scan and email quotes and/or receipts to those that ask (which is getting to be more and more these days).  Plus the old machine can also double as a back up copy machine, the copies just spit out the back, because the rollers won’t roll it through the front.  LOL, oh well, what can I say.

Well, gonna get something cold, since it is so stinking hot in this house!  Hope you all stay cool in this heat wave and smoke free in the fires.  Later, Ya’ll.


4 thoughts on “Jibber Jabber

  1. Yea for the new copy machine!

    The Parentage are currently drowning in the smoke up in the Central Valley. Hope they’re able to get the fires out soon and the smoke dissipates…

  2. GH, I luv the name for your parents! You crack me up! (I keep forgetting to tell you)

    I am sure they have alot of smoke. It’s thick in our vally, I cannot imagine what it is like there. I heard this morning there were 1000 fires burning. You know, there should be a way for the flood waters in the midwest to be transfered over to the fires!

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