We watched last Sunday’s “In Plain Sight”.  At the end, the main character, Mary, cries.  Now she’s tough and has her work life together, while her personal life is not.  She’s one that doesn’t cry and doesn’t take a lot of crap from anyone … She actually reminds me of my middle daughter, should she decide to go in law enforcement.  Anywho, at the end she cries, because her male partner and only friend is shot.  At the hospital, she holds it together while she’s waiting with her male boss.  Until her sis and mom show up and Mary starts crying.  Bossman looks so uncomfortable and helpless at this point and so ends the episode.

I asked hubby why men are uncomfortable when women, especially tough women, cry?  His answer, “If there’s a fire, you put it out!  If the sink’s clogged, you unclog it!  When a woman cries, you can’t do anything to fix it, can’t stop it, can’t make the crying go away, can’t smother her …” 

Wait a minute, did he say “SMOTHER”?  Why, yes, he did!  Nice of him to try and sneak that in, huh? 

I know there are women out there that can turn the water works on at a drop of a hat.  I’m not talking about the type of crying to get her way.  I’m talking about the uncontrollable sobs, that the more she tries to control, the worse they get. 

So, Men, what do you do or how do you feel when a woman cries/sobs? 


5 thoughts on “Crying

  1. I’m actually one of those tough girls who doesn’t cry in front of anyone and even in private can’t really let it out that often. I think I feel totally helpless and vulnerable in those situations and that scares me. I think your husbands analysis is pretty accurate. Men fix things. You tell them a problem, they give you a solution. Just letting someone have an emotion without trying to do anything other be there for them is hard for men, and actually a lot of women as well.

  2. I agree, I feel vulnerable when I’m in an uncontrollable sob. But then I get angry with myself and it gets worse.

    Sshh on the hubby being right though, I try not to let him know that too often … LOL!

  3. What do I do? I freak out, inside at least.

    Aly is right: men give you a solution. The kicker is this: when a woman has a problem, she wants the emotional comfort, the man goes after the solution. That’s his way of showing that he cares, but most women don’t interpret it as such.

    Mars and Venus indeed.

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