Rescreening -vs- sewing

Since the office was slow, I went out into the shop to learn how to rescreen.  I didn’t want to work the saw, so I asked the shop foreman to make the frame and teach me how to screen it.  He did and I really enjoyed myself.  Afterwards, I decided to tackle a wood screen door that required rescreening.  It is different from the metal frames as the groove for the rubber spline surrounds the opening, instead of being on one side of the opening. 

I started on the smaller portion in case I screwed it up and had to start all over again.  The hardest part was getting the rubber spline in at a 90 degree angle instead of rolling it in on top.  I took my time and started to think of it as sewing, pulling the fabric and smoothing it out as I made the seam.  It took about an hour and 15 minutes to do the smaller section.  I now have the bigger section of this wood screen to finish tomorrow. 

I have to say it was a workout, climbing up on the table so I could get at a better angle to use the pizza cutter like tool to roll the spline in and getting down to change directions, etc.  However, it was fun!  I hope it is slow again tomorrow afternoon, so I can finish the screen.

The office manager called me “butch” today.  She wasn’t being mean, it’s because if the guys can do it, then I’ll try and see if I can too!  LOL … I know, I am one of the guys, however, I still like to be girly too.   I know I cannot carry  shower door glass or be an actual glazier.  I’ll leave that job for the guys.  But at least, now I know I can rescreen a screen.  Maybe one day, I’ll tackle the saw …. LOL … Look out world, I’ve gotta a saw and PMS … Be afraid, be very afraid!


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