Another week, off and running

Monday arrived and I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  I did though and I stayed all day at work and tried to keep to myself and not get caught up in the daily grumblings.  LOL … Key word “tried” … oh well, maybe next time.

Is it me or is allergy season a bear this year?  I could scratch my eyes out.  It is so frustrating when you cannot see through the watery itching eyes.  UGH!

I had a topic I was going to write about, however, I’ve forgotten it.  LOL, dang brain, when I need it, it runs and hides!

Poor hubby, as I mentioned earlier, we went to church Saturday night (first time since April), and the new 3 week series is on relationships.  Now, hubby and I really don’t talk about feelings and things.  After we got back together, we never discussed what went wrong or anything, we just came back together.  So this weekend the first 2 things discussed about a relationship is Communication and Consideration.  So I waited all day, until we were in bed, he watching TV, me doing a crossword puzzle and I asked him if he felt we communicated.  LOL, I guess you could say we both hide our feelings inside.  So when I asked him, he himmed and hawed and finally said, yes we communicate.  Then he said that when he does something wrong, I yell at him.  LMAO, I guess I yell, although I haven’t had a major yell in a long time. 

You know one of those yells that the roof shakes, the kids and animals run and things are flying through the air.  Nope, haven’t had one of those in a long time.  Then I asked if he thought we were considerate to each other.  Again, he felt we were.  After that he dropped the subject and went back to his TV and I to my crossword puzzle.  So much for an indepth conversation.

Unfortunately, we are going to miss next week’s teaching, because we will be in the mountains outside of Bishop, CA. hanging with my Vegas sis and her family.  Part of me wants to leave early so we can be to church on Sunday.  The other part wants to stay until we have to leave to come home.  I’m actually looking forward to finding a cool spot and read a book, with a hike here and there.  And possibly drop a line into the water and see what bites. Either way it will be fun to get away.

My question to you is, do you communicate well with others and are your considerate of others?


5 thoughts on “Another week, off and running

  1. You know, I like to think I communicate well, but it’s hard to say for sure. I mean, maybe I’m single for a reason. 😉

    Will we get pictures from the Eastern Sierras?

  2. seems like your husband is a typical guy. Maybe you could get a tape of the message you want when you return?
    I’m happy for you getting back in church. Now it’s my turn.
    I communicate well, he just doesn’t listen. hahaha.
    I don’t think we’re real considerate to each other either. I wish we were…<3
    have fun traveling!

  3. GH – you are single because you haven’t met her yet! You will and I’m sure you communicate well. Especially after having the English teacher from hell that turned out to be a good upon reflection. We had one of those teachers in school also, she had a pet chimp … LOL … now that’s another story

    I hope to have pics, but I have to rely on my cell phone so I can have the pics sent to my email. LOL … you would think I would have a digital camera. Some ways, I’m so old fashioned!

    SG – LOL, in some ways hubby is a typical guy, in others, he’s so different!

    As for church, I am glad we started going again. We even want to join a growth group, something I am missing … fellowship with other Christ followers.

    I hope you find a good church to join and be a family with.

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