Campfire singing

Last night hubby got his Father’s Day present early … LOL, minds out of the gutter … oh wait, that’s my mind, HAH… but seriously, we were in a sorta Campfire Ring without a campfire listening to 3 performers singing cowboy music.  (Hubby was born a century or so too late!)  The main performer’s songs are:  Carolina in the Pines, What’s forever for, Cowboy Logic, Geronimo’s Cadillac, to name a few.  The one he is most widely known for is “Wildfire” – I’m sure our children know who this person is, since they had to listen to it off and on throughout their youth, however, it is Michael Martin Murphy.   It was just him and his son singing and playing on stage in the middle of a covered outdoor pavillion.  The weather was perfect and the entertainment really enjoyable. 

Dave Stamey was one of the 2 opening acts.  He’s from Coleville, CA, not far from here.  Brings you back to the Roy Roger days.

Richard Elloyan was the other opening act.  He lives here in Nevada writing and singing about the west. 

We will definately keep track on where these guys will be in the future to hear them again.  One of these days, I may surprise hubby and take him to Elko for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering, so we can hear all those that are talented in cowboy poetry.

This concert was the opening of the Carson City Rendevous.  We may have to check out the rest this weekend.  Looks like a fun time.

The other thing going on this weekend is Carson Valley Days.  So much to do and the weather is going to be hot hot hot!  Hmmm, clean house or go out and play in the heat … which would you choose?


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