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It has been confirmed, I am wierd, exact medical term from my doc!  Of course those of you that read this blog can attest to my wierdness/quirkiness.

In my last post I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Well, I’ve put my body through the ringer this last week.  I totally dehydrated myself to the point it looked like I was glowing red with a fever.  Pretty scary when after drinking half a bottle of powerade, I started to sweat.  Then I had the lovely intestinal flu that has been going around this valley.  I still had a fever off and on all week and Monday my lower back decided to scream with pain. 

I went to the doc yesterday and he confirmed that it was NOT my kidneys, which was my big worry.  YAY!!  I told him the pain comes in waves and if I didn’t know any better, I swear they felt like labor contractions.  Since I had the good fortune of NOT going through the labor contraction experience, (I had C-sections before going into labor), I’m sure they would really be compared to the very mild contractions, however, the pain still hurt and was quite uncomfortable.  Of course the doc said, “Maybe you’re pregnant!”  I told him to just shoot me now!!  The thought of having a 20 yr old child at 70 was not appealing!! 

So, what do I have??  Doc says I have an inflamation in my lower back.  So bad, that it was radiating from the back to the front and down to my knees.  This news was so much better than what I envisioned with my kidneys.  I am actually relieved it’s my back.  Yeah, I know, how sick am I??  I asked the doc, since it wasn’t my kidneys, why do I have a fever (which I had one in his office)?  He said, “Because you are wierd!”  LOL, yup, the new medical term to describe me!  Gotta luv the doc that calls me wierd.  Where else can you find a doc and his family working in a “family practice” and every one of them having a sense of humor??   He’s one of the reasons neither of us want to move from the area! 

I’m on a heavy duty anti-inflamatory, twice a day.  Wow, do these things work.  In addition to easing the pain in my back, it has also eased my ezema that has flared up due to my allergies.  So, now that my brain isn’t having to deal with all the hurting, I’m able to think again, well, okay, I am able to blog again.   LOL, yeah, I know, not that I did much thinking before!

Thank you to my friends that are always here for me.  Y’all are the best blogging buds!  GH, glad to hear your knee is better and you are out getting down and dirty again!  HD, be safe on your move!  Dang if we weren’t tied up this weekend, I would have loved to zoom to Vegas to meet you and your wife on your travels to Omaha.  SG, thanks for being my friend and spiritual support!  SMonster, stay dry in the flatlands.



6 thoughts on “Health News

  1. It would have been fun to me you too though we aren’t going to be in Vegas very long and we will have Homer with us so our activity list is somewhat limited.

    It sounds like you have a great doctor – a treasure. I’m glad you are feeling better. You can hear your smile in your post and it sounds wonderful.

  2. Woo hoo! Sounds like he gave you the fun drugs! Yea for meds! LOL

    Hope you feel better soon. Well, more specifically, hope you feel better soon without the use of serious drugs! 🙂

  3. HD – LOL, is it wierd that I read your comment the correct way the first time? Stay safe on the road and I hope the road is free from storms as you drive.

    SG – Thanks, getting better!

    GH – Hee hee, meds are always good! Especially when they work!

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