Vegas, Baby!

Hubby hate’s that saying!  But, we are in Vegas for the weekend.  Yesterday was hubby’s surprise B-day party.   Of course my family was there, since most of them live there, our oldest daughter, grandbabies and her grandma made the quick trip from Salt Lake, a couple of our high school classmates and hubby’s younger brother and family.  It was great seeing everyone, but never enough of yourself to visit with everyone. 

So here it is the day after, since we aren’t drinkers we don’t have a hangover.  Funny thing happened in the shower though … get your minds outta the gutter … I had a strong urgent feeling to go home.  It’s one of those nagging feelings that I can’t ignore, because it keeps getting louder and stronger.  We aren’t supposed to leave until tomorrow, however, something is pulling me to get on the road home today.  SSOO … that’s what we are going to do.  The bad thing about leaving early, is I won’t be able to see my daughter when she gets back into town.  However, I have talked to her and she knows me and my feelings and understands. 

The crazy thing is that we could get home and all is fine.  The only one home is the cat and unless she partied too much while the dog, hubby and I have been gone, she should be fine also.  Then I think, I’m being told to go home now to keep from being on the road with everyone returning from their 3-day weekend and all the crazy road rage.  But, whatever this pull is, I may never know, but it’s something that doesn’t want me to ignore, since it keeps getting heavier and heavier.

When you get an strong urge to do something that you don’t want to do or are not ready to do … what do you do?   Ignore … Argue … Compromise … Surrender ?


4 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. I don’t really get an urge for something I don’t want to do, but sometimes I get an urge to do things that I think I shouldn’t do.

    I usually consider the consequences of following my gut, such as: what happins if I DO go home a day early, or (as an extreme example) what happens if I Do commit that robbery. For one, the consequences are no big deal, but for they are for the other. I wouldn’t base my decision on something really important on impulse.

    Hope this helps,


  2. I don’t get those urges too often, surprisingly. It takes me forever to actually GET away from the house when I leave on a trip, but once I’m gone, I’m gone.

    Hmmmmm…. maybe set up a webcam attached to a computer you can view through the net? That way you can check out the house remotely!

    Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s such a geek solution to the problem… 😉

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