Allergy season, wildlife among other things.

Don’t you just love this time of year when allergies affect your body?  My whole face itches to the point I want to scratch it off.  Doesn’t make for sleeping well, since here it is, 1:00 am and I am awake.  Plus the fact that I’ve been breaking out in hives the past couple of days.  Aargh!

It is also that time of year that the cattle have been moved to the fields lining Hwy 395.  Once again, I get to see them to and from work.  This morning, as I let the dog out, I was greeted with mooing sounds.  I keep forgetting there are fields behind our subdivision with cattle.  It actually sounded like they were in our backyard and made me laugh.

On the way to work one of the babies must have done something, mama cow was chasing after it.  It cracked me up just watching. 

To the other side of our subdivision, in the middle of town is a small field of sheep.  Driving through town on my way home tonight, was a dog in the back of a pickup, watching the sheep as it’s master turned the opposite way.  I could imagine the dog saying, “No, wait Dad, there’s sheep, just let me chase them … Pleeeze!!”  Yeah, I got another chuckle out of that one.

After dinner, I had a dessert craving.  We drove to Micky D’s for a $1.00 sundae … but, their ice cream machine was broken and we had to settle for 2 apple pies.  Then we drove to Walgreens for 2 candy bars.  I hate it when I get a sugar craving!  On our drive home through the back way, we passed the fields behind our house.  I didn’t realize there were so many cattle in those fields.  No wonder we could hear them so well.  Most of them were eating, even the babies.  There was one baby lying down and it’s mom was giving it a bath.  I could here the baby complaining, “Mom, but everyone else is playing and eating, I don’t want a bath now!” 

In the NW part of Reno, over the past month or so, there have been many earthquakes ranging from 1.0 to 4.7 each day.  One of our salesmen lives right at the center of all the quakes.  He said they are not deep, but almost surface level so the shaking is starting to take it’s toll on his house.  A couple of weeks ago, he was driving to work and there were about 20 deer standing along the highway, not knowing what to do.  He had never seen that many standing on the highway before.  The only thing we can think of is the quakes brought them down from the mountains. 

The bears are waking up hungery and have already started breaking into people’s houses at the lake.  What some thought as a person shooting sheep, turned out to be a cougar killing sheep in Carson City.  It was caught on the security camera.  This is going to be an interesting year for wildlife vs man. 

Can you believe it is the middle of May already?  Half the year is on it’s way to being over.  We received a notice from the IRS that our check is on the way.  LOL … and the point is?  I think they’ve spent more money on the preliminary notices, etc., than on the actual total rebate amount.  Yup, gotta love it!

I’ve been reading a couple of vampire books.  Both are written by Laurel K Hamilton and they are about Anita Blake, vampire executioner, lover of the Master of the City vampire as well as some of the wereanimals.  I am so glad these last two books are getting back to a somewhat normal writing, instead of the orgies every other page as were her books prior to the ones I am reading.   Makes me crazy when a writer has a good strong character, then the writing goes south and the books are not enjoyable anymore.  Makes one wonder what is going on in the author’s life at the time.

Well, as usual, my insomniac ramble has gone from one topic to another, so before I get too far into the wierd mind of my tiredness, I had better go.  Ya’ll have a good night/day!


4 thoughts on “Allergy season, wildlife among other things.

  1. LOL – I’m not sure you covered enough subjects in this post! Allergies are the one thing I don’t (really, really don’t) miss about the Central Valley. Hope the earthquakes go away soon. Any idea how the Sierra is faring water-wise this year? If it’s another drought year, there will be more animal-human confrontations, that’s for sure…

  2. GH, I know I crammed so much in this post. My brain kept jumping around. As for the allergies, argh … not fun.

    I guess the quakes aren’t stopping, they’ve had a few more again today. I didn’t realize this has been going on since the end of February, my how time flies. As for the water, I’m not sure, we keep hearing conflicting reports.

    HD – LOL, sorry your head is spinning. I hate waking up in the middle of the night and thoughts are buzzing through the brain.

    Sweetiegirlz – Thanks, I will once whatever is blooming is done.

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