What’s your favorite animal story?

While commenting on a fellow blogger’s site, I talked about one of our favorite dogs.  He was an all white Akita and was a wedding present for my first marriage.  He looked like a Samoyed on major steroids. 

The neighborhood we used to live in wasn’t a bad area, however, it was starting to get it’s share of problems.  At the time, my children were toddies.  My second (and current) husband and Shoji, the Akita, were constantly trying to establish their territory.  It didn’t matter what my hubby touched, Shoji would go over to it and pee.  The one that got us laughing so hard was when hubby was holding my toddie son, put him down so he could clean the bbq grill, turned around and Shoji had peed on my son.  I guess the dog wanted him to know that my son belonged to Shoji!

I was never worried about my kids playing in the yard when Shoji was on patrol.   One day I was walking him around the neighborhood.  A group of kids were hanging out at a car in the street.  One of them looked and yelled, “Is that an Akita?”  I told them yes it was.  I have never seen a group of kids move so fast to the other side of a car before.  Must have had a run in with an Akita before.

Unfortunately, we had to put him down.   As Shoji aged, he started to lose sight in one eye.  A doberman had jumped our fence and was trying to attack one of the smaller dogs we had.  Shoji came to the rescue and they fought.  Unfortunately, the doberman got Shoji’s blind side and ripped half his face.  The doberman wasn’t in any better shape, hubby opened the gate and the doberman limped home to it’s house.   It was hard to say bye to such a good protector in the condition he was in.  I am just glad I was able to leave work to say goodbye to him, before hubby had to take him to the vet. 


2 thoughts on “What’s your favorite animal story?

  1. I’ve always wanted a dog, and Shoji sounds like a great one. Of course, the ending to your story is the part that always scares me about having one…

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