State of Nevada

To those that are not from Nevada, the first thing that comes to their mind about the Silver State is, prostitution, gambling, buffets, Area 51, UFO’s, mobsters, sin city, mining, celebrity marriages and quick divorces.

Being a native Nevadan, born and raised in Las Vegas, there is so much more to this state than the above.  We have the beautiful colors of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.  The home of the Thunderbirds.   Hoover Dam in Boulder City.  Part of Lake Tahoe in Northern Nevada and many many miles of hiking, biking, backpacking, rock climbing throughout the whole state.  There is quite a bit of history in Nevada, not to mention the beauty of the desert after a rain.

However, I am embarrassed to admit that I am a native Nevadan.  This embarrassement has come recently with our new govenor.  I want to say right now, that I DID NOT vote for this man, however, he is the govenor of this state.  With the position, comes a respect that should be shown for the duties he has to perform on behalf of the people of this state.  He’s a politician and with most politicians, one takes what they say with a grain of salt, because it may not be the complete truth. 

During the elections for Govenor, there was quite a bit of controversy about Jim Gibbon’s past, present and future.  He and his wife, Dawn, tried to put up a good show, however, I don’t think they have fooled anyone into thinking they had a solid marriage.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that their marriage is on the rocks and recently Govenor Gibbons has filed for a divorce. 

The thing that has me baffled and a little miffed is that during their “so called working on their marriage” time, he, the Govenor, moves out of the Govenor’s Mansion back to his home in Reno and commutes daily.  Let me get this straight, the mansion is for the Govenor and his family to reside while he is in office.  But he, the govenor, moves out and goes back to Reno, while his wife, the first lady, remains in the mansion.  Last I checked the Govenor is the elected official and NOT the spouse.  My question is why didn’t the spouse move back to Reno?

To quote a section of a news article in the Nevada Appeal  “Dawn Gibbons told the Las Vegas Review-Journal  that she didn’t ask Gibbons to move out, and that she has been trying to ‘make sure my marriage works.’  She also said she wants to continue performing her duties as first lady and needs to be in the mansion because that is her office and where her staff works.”

Well, let’s see, once they divorce, she will become the EX-first lady and no longer be a part of the Governor’s family.  So what duties would she have to perform?  The other thing stated in the same article was that the Govenor has gone to court to have her evicted from the mansion.  I’m sorry, but in my eyes, I don’t see where she has any rights to be in the mansion, if they are divorcing.  I also don’t see why the taxpayers are having to pay for court preceedings to have her evicted.  ESPECIALLY, when the Govenor has requested a major budget cut for the whole state and expects all departments to comply.

My feeling is the Highway Patrol, which is the Govenor’s police force and protection service, should remove Dawn Gibbons from the Mansion and she should quit playing the “helpless I don’t know why this is happening act!”   

Govenor Gibbons won’t be the first unmarried govenor in office and probably won’t be the last.  So who did the so-called first lady duties of the unmarried governors in the different states?  I’m sorry Dawn, but to avoid any further embarrasement to yourself, quit living in denial, get on with your life and move the heck out of the mansion.   The state has bigger things to be concerned with than your divorce.  Frankly, I don’t think anyone really gives a damn.   However, I think we all are getting pretty tired of the Gibbons vs Gibbons suit and it hasn’t even started yet. 


One thought on “State of Nevada

  1. Isn’t that the beauty of modern politics? Whether we like it or not we, the voting public, get dragged into the politicians private lives. I think the only people who win are the news media…

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