Ocean Sewer – WTF?

Seamonster wrote an interesting post, check it out here .  With yesterday being Earth Day and all the EMPHASIS on going green, I think we all should write to the person in Florida on her post and find out WTF they are thinking.  If California is doing the same, a state that is supposedly so environmentally aware, we should let them know what we think!  And we thought it was just oil spills killing the marine life!  OMG, how discusting!

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Ocean Sewer – WTF?

  1. Humans have a long history of treating the ocean as both a food source and a sewer. This isn’t a recent development.

    Not to defend either side, but one does have to keep in mind the scope of the problem. Eight million people live in Southern California, for example. That’s a lot of wastewater. Plus commercial use. And don’t forget stormwater runoff. Couple that with the fact that completely cleaning water back to a pristine state is massively expensive. Add to that the fact that oil prices are rising, food prices are rising, and nobody wants their taxes raised, but no one’s going to start composting their own waste either.

    Do changes need to be made? Sure. But figuring out where to begin and who’s going to pay for it all is not an easy thing…

  2. Just goes to show that we humans, have made such a mess of our planet. So much of a mess that we cannot reverse the damage. Pretty sad when you think about it.

  3. I disagree, actually. The planet will recover just fine, but then, it’s got time based one epochs to do it. When we talk about saving the planet, we really need to talk about saving ourselves as humans and residents of this world.

    I do think it’s possible to reverse the trend. What I don’t know is how to bring it to the forefront, to make it important to people. I think the debate last week is a perfect example of the problem: not a single environmental question was asked of the candidates.

    Technologically, the problem can be fixed. What needs help is to change peoples priorities. But, despite everything I said above, I try to remain hopeful. After all, last I checked, we don’t have any back-up planets available to us!

    Don’t lose hope, my friend. 🙂

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