Weekend roundup

We are staying home all weekend to heal.  I’ve watched the NCIS marathon on USA all day yesterday.  Other than a prescription refill pickup, I haven’t gone anywhere.  

The weather was calling for snow, however, today it is blue sky and sunny.  The wind last night was horrible, I’m afraid to go outside to see if there is any damage.  I’m sure if there was any, the HOA police would have been knocking on our door. 

My Vegas sis is planning a trip in June to Bishop, CA and has invited us along.  Since it isn’t far from our area, we probably will go.  It will give us an excuse to get in shape so we can hike, fish and horseback ride.  Unfortunately, with the rods in hubby’s back, he has to skip the horseback riding.  Hubby and I need to explore more around us.  We live in a perfect location to visit the beauty that surrounds us in CA and NV.  Now that he is home on the weekends, we will have to force ourselves to get out! 

Hope you all are having a great weekend and the weather is cooperating where you are.  Our weather doesn’t stabilize until after Memorial Day.  So we will have a variety of weather until then.  Welcome to the Sierra Mountains!


3 thoughts on “Weekend roundup

  1. The weather here was supposed to be overcast and cold but it’s turning out to be a nice day – perfect for our open house.

    When the Wife and I decided to move back to Omaha, we decided to see as much of California as we could before we left. That was the best decision we’ve ever made. Get out there and hike, fish, and do all the stuff you enjoy. I wish I’d learned that lesson 20 years ago.

  2. Glad that you are both starting to feel a bit better. Hopefully you can get out and explore some more, as you’re pretty perfectly situated to a number of wonderful places in the two states!

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