Breast cancer in men?

We had a small scare this week.  Hubby’s had a small painful mass on his nipple area.  A month or so ago, the doc felt it was due to his medication.  When he went in on Wednesday for antibiotics, he mentioned to the doc that it is still painful.  So the doc set up a mammogram or man-ogram as hubby calls it, on Friday.  After the tech looked at the pics of the mammogram, the radiologist was called in and suggested an ultra sound, just to be sure.  They did the ultra sound and the initial results were good.  It doesn’t look like cancer, Thank You, God.  At least that worry has been ruled out.  They will review it more thoroughly and send the report to the doc.

Hubby was surprised how many men have mammograms.  According to the tech, they see quite a few men.  Then I remembered the actor, Richard Roundtree, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 and has been an advocate talking to mens groups about early detection. 

So this mass could be from all the medications he’s on.  We just have to go through the elimination process to figure it out.  I’m glad the doc did the major one first, so it’s out of the way.

Poor hubby is where I was on Friday/Saturday.  He’s running a temp off and on and the nose and chest is congested.  I told him that he will start feeling better after this.  I had to hit the bottom and finally Sunday started feeling better than I had.  Now that I’ve been on antibiotics I am feeling so much better, just the lingering cough and sounding stuffy. 


2 thoughts on “Breast cancer in men?

  1. Thanks, HD.

    Those dang health scares. I guess it’s a reminder that we are not invincible. I should have listened to my dad when he kept telling me to eat right, exercise, etc. But when you are in your teens, your parents are the stupidest people on earth.

    As my kids entered their teens, we became the stupidest people on earth … and the cycle goes on.

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