Free will -vs- Surrender

My son had mentioned that he was having issues with free will and surrender.  After we hung up, I thought about free will/surrender and how one would explain it. 

It isn’t much different than raising children.  You teach them right from wrong and when they turn 18, you hope they remember what you’ve taught them to do right instead of wrong.  There are many consequences in doing wrong and a parent hopes they are the voices in their childrens heads reminding them of these consequences.   However, us earthly parents have a major disadvantage.  We cannot see into the future. 

Free will can get so many of us in trouble.  Yes, I am raising my hand and including myself in the “us” category.  My biggest “free will” problem has been finances.  Unfortunately, I am not alone, as a good majority of Americans spend more than they make.  When we do that, we find ourselves in a bind.  I have been in that bind and worry so many times over my life. 

Free will can also make one do drugs and alcohol.  (Everyone else is doing it and having a good time, why not join them?)  Or free will can turn us into a thief, murderer, liar, or have the attitude that I am the only one that counts.   Free will is relying on ourselves to follow our own plan and succeed.  There are some who do succeed, however, at what cost?  Have they overspent trying to keep up with the Jones’?  Are they workaholics and never see their families?  Do they step on anyone and everyone to get ahead?  Do they deceive a co-worker by stealing their ideas and taking the credit, just to gain the recognition, bigger paycheck, bigger office, or better status? 

So why does He give us free will? 

I think the concept is similiar to the 18 year old on their own trying to do what they were taught while growing up.  However, like so many of us that turn 18 and are no longer under mom and dad’s rules, we rebel.  We’re an adult and we don’t have to answer to anyone.  It’s all up to me what I do in my life.  No one can stop me.   I don’t need anyone!  How many of you turned 18 and went wild?  Went to college and partied or went to work and partied at night?  Turning 18, then 21 when you can drink and legally go to clubs (without the fake ID) and become a Wild Child.  But what happens when we do that?  Hangover is a big thought that comes to mind.  Spewing the one too many drinks is another.  You call in sick for work because of the brown bottle flu.  You miss a class or two or three for the same reason and get behind while your grades drop.

So, why does He give us free will?  Well, I don’t know about you, however, I have made a mess of my life in so many ways that I think He gives us “free will” so we know how much we need Him.   When one is at rock bottom with nowhere to go and no one to turn to, He is there, holding out His hand.  He can see all around our life – past, present & future – He created us and knows each of us by name.  He knows the number of hairs on our head.  He knows why He created us.  He knows what we are to become.  The only thing He asks is that we surrender our “free will” to Him. 

It is so against our nature to surrender, much less surrender all our will to Him.  I still struggle with trying to take the reins of my life back because I think I know better.  Once I do, everything goes to crap.  When I finally have had enough of being neck deep in doodoo, I finally ask Him for help.  To which He gives me a V8 slap and puts me back on His path, again and again and again. 

Someone had said, if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.  All I can say is that He has had quite a good chuckle over mine.   

How cool is it to have a Parent that knows exactly who you are, knows exactly what you are to do and knows exactly how you are to get there.  I know He is still working on me, even though I’m almost 50 yrs old.  He has plans for me, I just need to surrender my “free will” to Him and trust in HIm fully for all my needs.

When one surrenders their will to Him, they are free.  One’s heavy burden is lifted, because He to takes them.  When one cannot cope, call on Him for strength and courage. 

He’s become the voice in my head and replaced my earthly parents voices.  He lets me know right away when I’m straying from His path.   I don’t know what He has in store for me, but whatever it is, it is for His glory.


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