A little of this, a little of that

If you missed watching Kristi Yamaguchi dance, you have to see this:   

I have watched all the Dancing with the Stars I missed while gone.  It is so much fun to watch everyone dancing away.  Did any of you see the result shows on Tuesday?  They have ten and under year olds ballroom dancing.  They are so cute!

As I mentioned before, hubby and I are sick.  We are still having a problem communicating with our voices hoarse and ears plugged.  He asked, “Is that Sara Maclachlin?”  I answered, “It’s 6pm.”  Needless to say, he gave me such a look, until I explained that I heard him say, is it 7 o’clock?  Don’t ask, I have no idea how I got that out of his actual question.

I went to work today and contaminated the office.  Around 1:30pm the office manager sent me home.  I’m hoping to give whatever I have to someone else so I can get rid of it!    Unfortunately I am finding no takers!

So the dreaded April 15th has come and gone.  Hopefully you all have met the good old IRS deadline.  I got a letter from them today.  Not good when you receive a letter from the IRS.  They want $190 more for our 2006 taxes.  Yippee, just what I want to do is fork over more money to them.  Maybe they can take it out of the stimulus (?) check.  Interesting how they decided to check tax returns when they have to shell out money.  I wonder how many people have received a nice little letter from the IRS saying that they found a mistake and oh by the way, you owe us more money!  Has it ever been the other way around?  Has anyone actually received a letter from them stating they found an error and you paid too much?  LOL, somehow I don’t think so!

While we were in Lincoln, we watched I am Legend.  That was pretty good even though I kept asking my son questions about why and where and who … He finally said, “Mom, it explains it as you watch the movie.”  In other words, Mom, shush or you’ll miss it!   I have such patience.  HAH!

Yesterday, as hubby was driving me to get my prescription filled, we drove past the cows.  Some of the fields are flooded so they had to eat grass soup.  I laughed so hard when I watched one of them come up with a mouthful of grass and water, then spit the water out.  Can I get a grant to study cows?  LOL

Well, ya’ll have a great night.  I’m going to see what’s in the fridge to eat. 


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