Why do they call it the Childrens Museum?

We went to the children’s museum today in downtown Lincoln.  I think the adults had more fun than the kids.  There are three levels in this place.  It had a Cessna, a Police Motorcycle, to name a couple of things and it was so much fun watching our son and my hubby wander around being kids.  Of course, Jordyn was running around enjoying herself, while Jackson was having a great time pushing as many buttons as he could.  Especially in the Television Studio Area.  I could not believe all the fun things one could do there.  I will have to check out the children’s museum in our area at home.  Do you think they will let hubby and I wander around and be kids?  Hmmm … we may have to rent a kid so we don’t look too out of place.

My sis from KC is driving up with her daughter-in-law and sis’ grand-daughters.  I hope they get to town soon.  The weather is cold and spitting snow.  We are going to the Dinasour Museum at the University of NE, Lincoln.  It has been a very long time since we’ve been there.  I can’t wait to see it again.  After that it’s Jordyn’s soccer game, then we have to do laundry so we can pack for the trip back to Vegas on Sunday. 

My husband and I had lunch with some of the ladies from my old office.  It was so much fun catching up on the world turns in escrow.  It’s almost as big a peyton place as the police department.  I found out some interesting things, I may have to track one of the guys down to find out if any of what I heard was true!  If it is, then I’ll just have to kick his butt!  LOL

Well, it is getting late and I had better get to bed.  Have a great weekend ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Why do they call it the Childrens Museum?

  1. Heh. If you can’t go to a museum as a full-fledged adult and run around like a kid again, well, that’s just no good at all. Good thing my friends are perfectly capable of being juvenile when the occasion calls for it…

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