Why ?

We didn’t get yelled at too bad.  Just the usual lecture and we both have antibiotics to get rid of this garbahge in our lungs again.  I may have to up my diabetes meds and if that doesn’t work, he may add another one to it.  Do you think I will heed his warning?  It’s so hard.  I can’t get back on track and I have no desire to get back on track.  We will see.  *sigh*  I love my comfort foods way too much!

Do you ever wonder why we do the things we do?  Why do I eat all the wrong foods?  Why do I drive like a race car driver?  Why do I agree with the doc, then I get home and do what I want?  Why don’t I want to get out and get active?  Why does a candy bar sound really good right now?  hmmm, I might even have one somewhere hidden. 

If I had the answers, I’d have this body whipped into shape … LOL … as if! 

Well, I guess I will sign off.  Not much happening and I’m ready to climb into bed and wait for the sandman.  Have a great evening ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “Why ?

  1. We do what we do because it is better to live life than to restrict ourselves.

    I’d rather smoke and live to be 100 than not smoke and live to be 101.

  2. “Why?”

    The eternal question.

    Ancients pondered the same question and they all ended up doing the same thing… shrugging their shoulders, throwing up their hands and saying:

    “Who knows?”

    Ah the joys of the human condition.

  3. It’s all about balance. Have the candy bar, but not every day. When you do, it will taste just that much better.

    (Of course, while what I said sounds pretty good, I’ve been known to give into temptation at times too. *shrug* 🙂 )

  4. So true all of you.

    I’m not good with balance … LOL … I have a tendency to fall down. I have to admit, I did have that candy bar … it was Twix. Made it easier to share with hubby.

    As the doc said, we are bad for each other, if he only knew!

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