Wonderful start of Easter Weekend

I am all jazzed.  The first 2 Easter Services are behind us.  I come off the stage so full of adrenelin, I could go dancing all night long.   Of course, getting off the stage into the green room is a bit harder, since it is pitch black. 

During the final rehearsal before the first service, it is a blackout when we come on stage.  Since I am first in line to get onto the riser, I couldn’t see where the end of the riser was.  So when the lights came back up, I was still trying to feel my way to the end.  LOL … thankfully, one of my choir mates, who is also the same person that stands next to me, found some glow in the dark tape and marked the end and corner.  With my clutziness, I could see me walking off the riser and tumbling off the stage onto the floor.  Wouldn’t that be impressive?!?!  LOL

The food tent was set up and again, there was so much food for everyone to enjoy.  Two years ago, was our first time at CVC.  The Easter Service was so impressive with the drama/teaching and then all the food.  It’s almost like coming home.

Well, five more services to go.  I better get to bed.  You all have a Great Easter Weekend!! 

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