I have just a few minutes before I have to hit the sack.  My eyes are drooping, however, I wanted to say hey to ya’ll!

We got back from Utah late Tuesday night.  Exhausted and sore from sitting.  This morning hubby had his physical therapy, I had an eye doc appt in the afternoon, so hubby had to take me there because of my diabetes, they have to do the whole dialate the eye thing.  My eyes still hurt from the glaucoma test.  Thankfully, there still is no diabetes in my eye, however, I am so nearsighted that my eyeball is pulling the retna … unfortunately, not much they can do about that right now.  I don’t understand how last time I went to the eye doc, they said I didn’t need bifocals, when I had them the time before last.  This time, I need them again.  Strange, but then again, it is me we are talking about.

We went to our standing monthly regular doc appointment and the office was closed.  I guess the docs office has been trying to call us for 3 days.  I still don’t understand why they don’t call our cell phones.  We are hardly ever home during the day.  Oh well, guess, we will have to figure a new day.

We had a great time with the grandchildren.  Our Sweet Angel has grown so much and she’s such a cutie!  Our little bud, who’s going to be 6 yrs old this year is getting so tall.  He swam with grandpa all 3 days.  Thanks to mother nature, grandma got to sit out the swimming.  LOL … probably a good thing, I’m not much of a swimmer. 

I just came back from the Easter Program rehearsal.  It is going to be a good program.  I wish you all could come and see it.  It’s amazing the work that everyone is willing to do for Easter.  All the arts ministry get involved and the church volunteers bring food/sandwiches/fruit/casseroles/meatballs all 3 days for the congregation and guests to enjoy.  Such a blessing to be part of this. 

Well, so much for a quickie note, I had better sign off and get to bed.

Nighty ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Quickie?

  1. Thanks GH. My eyes still hurt the next day … geesh, how far did she poke my eyeball?

    I can’t do the puff of air to test my eye, because I always blink!

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