The start of a new week

Even with the time change, I was actually able to get to work before 8am!  Surprise!!  I truly cannot believe it, especially since hubby was still sound asleep next to me. 

It is a good thing we change the clocks Saturday night.  That gives us Sunday to completely screw up the time.  I changed the clocks on Sunday and hubby changed them again and then we had to change them back and since most of our clocks are 30-45 minutes ahead anyway, we had a hard time figuring out which clock needed to be fixed.  LOL … If you look at the clocks in our house, none of them are on the same minutes.  It’s pretty bad when we have to fool ourselves on the time, so we can make sure we get where we have to be on time!

We are pretty excited to see our oldest daughter and her family.  We can’t wait to see the grandbabies!  We leave town on Friday and won’t be back until Tuesday.  Yippee!!! 

The dog and I just got back from walking.  It’s dark outside, so we walked around the office complex up the street.  It is well lit and the fire station is just next door.  So I feel safer.  Walking around the complex is like walking around a football field, LOL, well at least when you are walking it.  It probably is much less than that.  However, dog and I went around it 3 times before calling it quits!

Now I’m ready for pain meds and bed!  What happened to my nice limber back I used to have many many years ago?  Dang age and gravity!

Well, I hope you all have a great week.  Talk at ya’ll later.


3 thoughts on “The start of a new week

  1. Luckily, between the tiredness from the hike and the massive headache Saturday night that forced me to be early, the time change was surprisingly easy this year…

  2. LOL – my sister and I kept doing this clock thing as well. We were driving in the car and each kept thinking we had “fixed” the clock. It was comical.

    Baxter and I haven’t had a good walk the past two days…we both miss it terribly. Switching hours for this new job is really messing up my internal clock – my energy ebbs but rarely ever flows. LOL

  3. It’s hard to get used to a time change AND a location time change at the same time! I hope you and Baxter get into a routine soon.

    How’s Baxter liking Iowa?

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