What did you do today?

I had my mammogram today … aren’t you glad I shared?  So as a reward for getting squished, I bought a stereo system for our truck.  Actually, we are planning on visiting our oldest daughter and her family in Utah in March, after hubby retires.  Unfortunately, I only have a basic am/fm stereo in the truck and the static drives me crazy.  I was glad the sales person was one of the owner/mgr and he could relate to my needs of only am/fm/cd, nothing else.  Although I had to get one with an MP3 so it will play the CD’s the director makes for us for my alto part in choir.  Should I want to get an IPOD somewhere down the line, there is a hole, that I can plug the IPOD into … LOL … until the IPODs come down more in price, I won’t be getting one soon. 

I’m not sure I really need an IPOD.  Yes, it would be cool to have all that music, etc in my little portable device, but, for me it would definately be a little too excesive.  I’d rather blast my music in the house while cleaning.   It would be too difficult to use at work, since I have to answer the phone and help customers at the counter.

This afternoon is our monthly check up at the docs.  Since he does not need surgery on his back, he is now in physical therapy.  I decided, in addition to my protein shakes and frozen dinner diet, I had better start exercising again.  So, I started with my Tae Boe Tape the other day and Richard Simmon’s sweatin’ to the oldies last night.  Today, since it is my night to help teach the kids at church, I’m going to walk to the doc’s office.  LOL, I hope they have the oxygen ready.  Before you think I am walking a long distance, I’m not, his office is just up the street and I’m riding home with hubby  How bad am I?  In truth, I need to walk off Starbuck’s caramel latte and blueberry coffee cake I just ate. 

Ok, so I needed a snack after I spent money on the stereo.  Yes, it was definately a splurge.  Oh well, gotta splurge once in awhile.  Have you seen the price on stereos lately???   Oh my, I bought the least expensive one there, but there were some over $1,000 for something that goes into a C A R …. what the heck?!?!?!?! 

Oh well, must be my age showing … LOL … well, time to get ready to walk … let’s see, keys, blood sugar reading log, coat, gloves, scarf, oh yeah, inhaler … I will definately need that when I get there.  Whatever you all are doing today/tonight, have a great one.  Hopefully you can see the lunar eclipse from wherever you are.



3 thoughts on “What did you do today?

  1. Glad to hear you are health conscious and even having your mammogram is VERY important! You did us a public service announcement. Women should be up on these things. Enjoy the music, and your excercise. Awesome.:-o

  2. sweetiegirlz: thanks, unfortunately I have to be very health conscious, I didn’t pick well when it came to my gene pool. Every illness known to man is in my family. 😦 Although, I may be health conscious, sometimes, I am not very good and doing what I am supposed to.

    GH, I will have to check into my insurance policy. HAH on the practical comment, someone has to be. I did get to see the eclipse. We took the 12 kids in our church class outside to see. We must have been outside the same time you took your pic, because that is exactly what it looked like, over the Carson Valley.

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