Another Saturday gone

I worked the pantry last night, since the one that was going to, had a family emergency.  I pray her father will be fine.  I haven’t heard from her yet today.

So I went to church, opened the pantry for 30 minutes.  Walking from the car to the pantry, I was blown across the parking lot into the building.  They weren’t kidding when they said strong winds.  You could see the storm rolling off the mountains into the valley.  I thought we would have been in a full blown storm after 2nd service at church, however, it hadn’t arrived yet.

After church, hubby and I went to one of our favorite casino’s, ate dinner and watched Hindsight in the lounge.  We had a good time and I even got him up to dance … slow that is … with his back he can’t do fast.

We left before the midnight hour and it was snowing like crazy.  As we travelled south, it was snowing harder, until we were closer to home, where it turned to rain.  This morning there’s snow on the ground, but I haven’t ventured to the front door to see how deep.  We have a north facing driveway, where the snow doesn’t melt and collects the blowing snow.  That’s why it looks like 3 feet, when across the street only has a dusting.

The series we are in at church is about Prayer being a Catalyst.  At the beginning of the series, our Sr. Pastor demonstrated this by dropping Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke.  It was pretty cool and it is a good thing it was on a video, since the Coke bubbles up, pretty high, depending on how many Mentos you add. 

This weekend’s teaching was on Worry.  I know everyone worries.  But does it help?  Does it take care of the problem?  Does it add anymore hours to the day or days to the month? 

Our Sr. Pastor mentioned that we do not have a problem giving the problem to God, but then turn around and take it back, because we start worrying about it.  *Bonk – sledgehammer moment* 

I never thought of it that way.  Instead of worrying, we should turn it over to God and leave it, don’t start worrying again.  Our Sr. Pastor challenged us this week, when something comes up that would normally have us worry about it, we are to pray first and leave it, don’t take it back.  Pretty cool message, you can visit the notes/mp3 teaching on this series, just click on CVC and it will take you there.  If the mp3 for the weekend of Feb 2/3 isn’t there, it will be there sometime this week.   Next week the teaching will be on, “How to pray about a problem.”  

I know I could use the help with my worry and problems, how about you? 


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