Here I am

I went to choir practice tonight and instead of singing, we shared.  They had a game that we all had to play and I tried to get pictures, but only got a few.  Then we sat and shared what God has done in our lives.  One of the leaders had mentioned that it’s hard to be like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  To say, “Here I am”, when God calls us.  To have the courage to obey Him in what He asks. 

I almost didn’t go tonight.  The weather was bad driving off the mountain and it looked like it would start snowing in the valley any minute.  But I kept getting nudged to get out the door and get to the church.  I am not one who can open up and share what is in my heart.  When I have to do this, my mind goes blank and the words get jumbled.  Again, another nudge and another step out of my comfort zone.  However, I did share, and I did participate in the games and I did have a great time.  Tonight was exactly what I needed to get back on His path.  The one I didn’t realize I had strayed from.  Tonight, opened my eyes and showed me that I was in the wilderness … again.

I feel so blessed when I’m in the room with my fellow choir mates.  They are a pretty awesome bunch.


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