I have had it!!

I came home Tuesday night thoroughly disgusted with myself.  I still wasn’t feeling well.  I felt like a blob and actually looked like one.  So, I talked to my daughter and told her that I am finally ready to start our challenge again, since I have to get my weight, diabetes and health in line so I am no longer sick … because this sick stuff … sucks!!

Tuesday night I came home with soy milk and frozen berries.  I also picked up a bunch of healthy choice meals, since I don’t want to cook, right now.  This is my second day on my protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a healthy choice meal for dinner and I have to tell you, my skin doesn’t feel dry.  This is winter and my skin usually is so dry that my fingers crack at the tips.  I’m looking at each of my digits and they are no longer cracked and this is only the 2nd day!  I am jazzed.  The belly is getting a little smaller.  I know this because I don’t have to suck in the gut to button my jeans.  So I’m thinking, okay, this isn’t so bad.  Wednesday was hard, being the first day and all.  I still had my fruit for snacks and I found out apples and peanut butter is really good! 

Wednesday was hard, I found out I was having a relapse.  I was sick last week, took all my antibiotics and I wasn’t completely better.  Doc said I had wheezing in my left lung … dang … not something I wanted to hear.  So, now I have a new antibiotic, which I hope knocks this out of me … FINALLY!! 

I’ve again missed participating in the ministries I’m involved with at church … *sigh* … but whatever I have, I don’t want to spread it around AND I really want to get rid of it for good!  So, getting rid of the gut, controlling my blood sugar will definately help me feel better and boost my immunity so I don’t continue to be sick.

Why is it that I continue to eat everything until I have had enough?  Why don’t I have the discipline to say … no to anything sweet?  I am such a sugarholic!  Of course, that is why I’m in the health mess that I am in now.  Even though Wednesday was a hard first diet day, I was surprised that I didn’t cave when the office had cinnamon rolls for one of our salesman’s birthday.  I do have to admit that someone didn’t shut the lid tight and I could smell them at my desk.  I had to get up and close the lid.  I wasn’t getting tempted, however, I figured, the first day, I better not push my luck!

I haven’t lost enough to feel like exercising yet.  Yes, I know, exercising is one of the best things for me, but when you feel and look like a blob, ya don’t wanna be jiggling the blob too much, trust me on that one! 

I’m not sure how long I’m going to do the protein shakes for breakfast and lunch.  I want to get a jump start and then go from there. 

So, inquiry minds want to know … What is your food weakness?  For some it’s salt, others it is sugar.  What is your favorite type of food?  What is your favorite dessert?

My answers – well, you know my weakness – sweets.  Favorite type of food – as long as it tastes great and is nice and rich!  I’m not into eating “bate” as my husband calls it.  I like California rolls, but not the raw sushimi stuff.    Dessert – aaahhh … so many, so little time. Ya know if all this stuff is bad for you, then why the heck do they make it taste so darn good!!!!!!   Oh, and GH, great looking pizza on your site!!  I wanted to lick the monitor! 


3 thoughts on “I have had it!!

  1. LOL – thanks for the compliment on the pizza. It was an experiment that turned out well.

    Good luck on the challenge. I know hiking is out of the question for you right now, but you could always try snowshoeing! 🙂

  2. Nope. Showshoes prevent you from sinking. It’ll vary depending on the condition of the snow (you’ll sink a bit more if it’s powdery), but far less than in just boots. Plus, they’re pretty cheap to rent. I highly recommend getting poles too; I use my trekking poles with snow-baskets on the ends. And the best part, you can pick it up in about three minutes, since it’s essentially walking!

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