How is your Sunday going?

It is pretty bad when one has way too many channels on Direct TV and there isn’t anything worth watching.  So the Patriots/Charger game is on.  Since neither of these teams are my favorites, I like to root for the underdog.  So, it will be interesting to see what happens.  I always feel bad for the team that loses the game. 

It is especially hard to watch the team that loses the Superbowl.  The pain on their faces can be felt through the television.  Makes me thankful that I do not have HDTV!  So, who do you predict will be in the Superbowl this year?  Any guesses?  If you listen to the experts, it’s the Patriots/Packers.  However, one never knows until the final 2 minutes are over tonight.

I originally wanted to go to the movies today.  I really want to see “The Bucket List”.  However, I slept in and here it is almost 12:30 and I’m still in my jammies … LOL … sorry a visual you probably don’t want to have in your head on Sunday.  I just can’t get motivated.  I still am not feeling that great and the thought of jumping in the shower and doing the clean thing, has me worn out already.  So, here I am on my rear typing and watching grown men fall all over a football.

Yes, it is Sunday and it is laundry day, but … hmmm, I think I can get through Monday without doing laundry … LOL … maybe I can talk hubby into doing the laundry tomorrow since he’s off.  He’s one of the lucky one’s that has MLK day off.   No, I don’t worry about him doing laundry, he probably does it better than I do.  

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?  If you could do anything as your career what would you do?  If you could live anywhere, where would you live? 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to let me know the answers to the questions above.  I’m curious.  Do I have answers to those questions?  For me, I do, but I want to see what all your desires are.

Some of you there is no thinking about it.  You just know.  For others, it’s a thinkin’ thing.   Happy thinking.


5 thoughts on “How is your Sunday going?

  1. Right off the top of my head (and therefore subject to change): hiking The Dolomites in Italy or trekking New Zealand; full time hiker/photographer/writer/lazy-bum; probably somewhere on the Central Coast or the Sierra Foothills.

    Of course at parties I usually answer question number two with “gigolo” as it gets a laugh; I’ll let you decide how serious I am! 🙂

  2. >If you could visit anywhere in the world, >where would you go?

    I would really like to visit Tokyo. Also, I can’t wait to travel back to the UK and Ireland. I spent 3 1/2 months there my Sr. year of college and it haunts me… calls me… every ounce of my Gaelic/Celtic/Anglo blood yearns to return.

    >If you could do anything as your career what >would you do?

    My dream job is as a technology coordinator for a school or school district or as a faculty technology resource/trainer for a university or a private technology consultant for teachers, parents, students, home-school organizations… or maybe all three or some combination

    >If you could live anywhere, where would you >live?

    I am getting ready to move to Redding, CA this spring which will bring me closer to family and my honey! but further away from my son… so it is a mixed blessing… the main upside is that I will no longer be living her in Vegas… cuz it sux!

    Thanks for asking great questions!


  3. Hey Matt:
    Thanks for sharing! Great desires. I hope they come true for you.

    Good luck on your move. It isn’t a fun thing to do. However, since you are going someplace you want to be, then it will be good. It will be hard being away from your son, but, you seem to have a good relationship with him, just keep it up.

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