How was everyone’s weekend?

We had that nice band of storms go through Northern Nevada starting Friday.  It was nice to see partial blue skies today.  At our house, we got about a foot of snow.  Of course, while shoveling it felt like 3 feet.  Yes, this person is hurting, and yes, I did take a pain pill left over from my surgery.  Sssooo, this blog could be interesting … LOL!

Last night as I was half asleep, hubby asks if the power was out.  I think I told him yea, since my eyes were closed and I couldn’t see anything.  In reality, we had power in the rest of the house, just not in our bedroom or bathroom.   So, thinking the breaker switch is blown and not knowing where the box is, we decided to wait until today to check it out.  Today I wandered around the outside of the house trying to find the box.  I missed it the first time, since I was looking too low, ya know me being short and all.  I finally figured out my error when I was looking down the street, I saw the box on the house at the corner.  So I went back to the side of the house, this time looked up and lookie there.  Sometimes I wonder about me.  I flipped the switch and decided to start shoveling the driveway and walk to our front door.  Did I mention I am ssoooo glad we don’t have sidewalks in this neighborhood!!  Between the drive and the walkway to the door, it was overkill for me. 

So after my intense workout with the shovel, I went back into the house to ask hubby if the lights were on.  He said, “No.”  Okay, so I went back out, flipped the switch and it immediately flips back to off.  One of the nice things about renting, is you can call the landlord or property manager in my case, and tell them to come fix it.  Of course, it gets dark early, so we have an extension chord hooking up the lamp and clock.  Hubby has a battery operated camping lantern for the bathroom.  LOL, my idea of roughing it!  Oh well, hopefully the prop manager will get someone out to fix it soon.  Last time we called them it took a week. 

I can hear some of you now, wanting to know why hubby wasn’t out shoveling instead of me.  Well, between his lungs and his back, I didn’t want him out wrestling with the shovel.  It was bad enough he had to do it at work.    (Man, why didn’t I take the pain pill earlier in the day, I would have been able to move around, instead of making old people noises as I went about doing the laundry.) 

Well, the pain may be gone, however, I’m getting too fuzzy to write, so I will sign off.  Y’all take care.  Nighty night.


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