What are you reading?

My daughter sent me a link for Good Reads.  I was surprised at the amount of books I have on my to read list.   It actually gave me the motive to finally finish the book, Tender Traveling Mercies, that I’ve been carrying around in my purse.  So, now I’ve started another book.  It hasn’t gripped me yet.  I’m hoping by the 2nd chapter I’ll be hooked. 

I’m watching Laws of Attraction.  What they have shown of Ireland is so beautiful.  What are some of the places you would like to visit?  We’d like to visit Ireland.  The only problem is my hubby would want to drive there … lol … he doesn’t like the airport nazis.  I would also like to visit the Holy Land.  How great would that be?


2 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. I loved Ireland, can’t wait to go back… I also enjoyed the time I spent in the Holy Land, although, be prepared to have everything you think you know challenged… at least, that was my experience…

    as to what I’m reading: “Myth of a Christian Nation” by Gregory Boyd


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