How did you do that?

Christmas day was fun, however, it turned bloody.  Hubby, who NEVER cuts himself with his knife, did.  He managed to slice a big chunk off of his fingertip.   You know, the area that is your fingerprints.   It would have been okay if he had cut it straight on, but it wasn’t and the wound wouldn’t stop bleeding.  Did I hear some of you say, hospital?  Urgent Care?  LOL, nope, he wouldn’t go.  So we stuffed the wound with gauze, pasted it with bandaids and went to dinner.  After dinner we went to the movies, then home, since we were tired.

Two days later, …yes, I did say two days later, which would be today, he finally goes to the doc.  Unfortunately, due to the direction of the cut, there wasn’t anything they can do, except what we did.  However, they did have this amazing clotting gauze thing (don’t ya like my medical term?) and stuffed it in the wound, then wrapped it with tube gauze.  He has to leave it on for 2 days.   So how did he cut his finger?  He was talking on the cell phone and trying to open a box of chocolate covered caramel macadamia nut candies.  Not paying attention and using his NON dominate hand he sliced right through the plastic and his finger.  Of course, me being the loving sympathetic wife … I rolled my eyes and asked, “How did you do that?!”  Oh well, it wouldn’t be a Holiday if something didn’t happen.

My daughter and son-in-law told us a funny story about our grand-daughter.  My sisters used to sing.  Our little princess was looking at the scrapbooks and told my daughter that she had heard my sisters sing.  That they were really good and they have a CD at Target.  They proceded to tell her that we don’t have a CD out and there’s no way there would be one at Target.  So one day, they were in Target and she goes to the music section and pulls out the CD.  Now mind you, the pics in the scrapbook were of 3 ladies with short brown hair.  The CD she brings to her dad is a mix of music from the 60’s, etc. , the group was the Supremes.   Her dad laughed so hard and had to tell her that wasn’t her aunts.  She just made the connection by the haircut and the 3 singers.  Out of the mouths of babes.  I love it!


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