Reality TV

Today, I found the Reality TV Channel.  BIG MISTAKE!!  I have my usual channels I watch, but I started surfing this morning and I landed on this channel.  What was on that caught my eye?  “Beauty and the Geek”  I didn’t realize there really was a show titled that.  Eight women and eight men, one of each is teamed up for the whole season.  What I like about this is that both women and men are thrown into a situation that is so out of their normal lives and they have to sink or swim.  

The fun thing about this channel is that it’s reality revealed – so you get to hear the host and producer’s comments … pretty funny!

I was able to catch it at the very beginning when they just started.  The evening, after the first challenge, they were given a chance to leave for a price.  So each team was able to discuss it and make a decision if they were going to quit.  The host pointed out to them that if they stay they would learn so much from each other and grow as a person.  Of course, then he waived $20,000.00 in front of them.  The couple that was really thinking about bailing, actually decided to stay. 

It is sad that not all of these women were applying themselves.  They had study material to help them during the challenges and instead of studying it themselves, they let their team mate condense it for them, while they hang out at the pool.  Not to get into the age long debate of blonds vs brunettes, however, the two that were studying were the brunettes.  Granted one of the blonds won the challenge, however, it wasn’t one that thought they could get by with their looks. 

Watching the guys stand in front of an easel when the model drops her robe was pretty funny.  The whole time they were drawing, the model was talking away.  It dawned on one of the guys that she’s talking alot and he probably should be listening.  Sure enough, the challenge was to hear what the model was saying even though she was naked.   

Then I realized, I married a geek (I should say in the smart sense) …LOL … no I am not a beauty!  However, my hubby has the intelligence of these guys.  He’s real modest about what he knows, but like the one guy, he does listen.  He also has the heart of the one guy that was listening.  Was I what he was looking for?  No, I wasn’t.  Did we have alot in common, yes and no.  Did we enjoy the same hobbies?  Not until he showed me what he enjoyed … shooting, wandering in the desert, etc.  Did I have any of these experiences before?  No, I had no idea.  Was he what I was looking for?  I don’t know.  There was an attraction that grew into something more. 

Granted we’ve been through our struggles.  Would I have been better off not knowing him?  Well, in the words of Garth Brooks, “… I would have missed the dance.” 

When you have a specific person in mind for your significant other, you end up limiting your choices of people and missing out on the one that could really exceed your expectations.  This song says it best:   She’s More – Andy Griggs


4 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. A reality channel? Oh, no. Well, if you stop blogging, I’ll understand. 😉

    I don’t have much of a specific person in mind anymore. I’ve pretty much reduced my requirements to “breathing” and “a pulse” at this point…

  2. LOL – breathing and a pulse is a good thing! Somewhere along the line you can add brain. So tell me, does the ditzy blond get your attention? Watching that show, they sure played up the ditzy, however, when there were only a few couples left, the ditzy left and a few of them really applied themself.

    I get ditzy, but it’s a temporary shortage in my brain. Hah!

  3. I don’t watch the show myself (I’ll just let you guess whether I’m the “beauty” or the “geek” in real life). Ditzy blonds don’t do much for me in real life since someone with little conversational skills don’t hold my interest for very long.

    But I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m still a guy, and I’ll still look as she passes by! 😉

  4. You wouldn’t be “breathing with a pulse” if you didn’t!

    As for beauty or geek – You are neither. You are not a ditzy beauty or an inexperienced geek. You, my friend, are a nice guy with a good heart!

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