You’ve lost that Holiday Spirit …

These words to the music of You’ve lost that loving feeling, keep going round robin in my head.  Have I really lost the Holiday Spirit?  I don’t think so, it just hasn’t arrived yet.  Geek Hiker has a really nice tree on his blogsite AND he’s trying out WordPress’ holiday presentation.  I forgot to tell you, GH, that it took me by surprise, but it looks good and I’ve gotten used to it.  I can’t bear to get rid of the beach … warm, sandy beach … *sigh* maybe next year.

I’m not sure we are going away for the week between Christmas and New Year.  Turns out hubby may have to work, because, God forbid, the other person has to cover for him.  Never mind that he has covered for her through her yearly weeks off along with her volleyball games and leaving to visit her daughter in college, etc … bitter?  No, I’m not bitter, maybe just a little pissed off!!  But, not bitter.   ARGH!!

Maybe GH is right, I should get a string of lights … it may help lighten my mood around here and get me in the Christmas Spirit.

Two years ago, hubby had back surgery.  He is still in pain and recently the pain has increased.  Thinking that the next vertebra up was losing it’s disc and another surgery was going to be required, he went to his surgeon for a check up.  Thankfully all is okay there.  So, what is up with the pain.  Our doctor told us that since it isn’t in anything the surgeon can fix, it is probably in the soft tissue and the next step is an epidural in his back. 

Well, yesterday was his appointment at the radiologist to have this procedure.  What we found out is sometime in the past his tail bone was broken.  In addition to this there is alot of scar tissue, which made it extremely difficult for them to reach the spot in his back for the injection of steroids to help eliminate the pain.  Two rooms and four pain numbing shots later, they finally were able to reach the spot with a very large needle.  Let’s just say they had to access the spot, below his tail bone.  Can you say … eeeooooowwwww!!   Poor guy, he’s hurting today, however, the normal back pain isn’t as bad.  We aren’t sure if it is because the other pain is now greater.  Hopefully in the next couple of days we will know for sure.  You will hear us shout for joy if it really did work!

I turn 49 tomorrow (12th)  How wierd is that?  Someone had called turning 49 as “the 20th anniversary of her 29th birthday”  Yeah, I like the sound of that way better than 49.  LOL … I really can’t wait to turn 50 though.  AARP … here I come!  I think next year, since we both turn 50 and it is our 25th anniversary, we just need to party all year long!  Well, okay starting May 20th, which is when hubby turns 50, then we can party everyday for the rest of the year!  Dang, too bad we can’t drink anymore … can’t drink any less … LOL … no, we can’t drink at all.  Too many medications for our high mileage bodies!  However, the doc has given us both some really good drugs!  LMAO, I crack myself up.  I have to since no one else laughs at my jokes!   Yikes, it just dawned on me, next year I’ll be half a century old … LOL … but then again, so will the rest of the people I went to school with.  So I’m not the lone rangette!!

I may go out and get those lights … I’m getting awful cheerful … no, not that cheerful … I’m not ready to put up the tree and all … plus the fact that I’d have to take it down later.  Yes, I am lazy.  Actually it is more unmotivated than lazy.   I tell you what, if the Holiday Spirit finally arrives, I will take pictures.  LOL, keep in mind, I never said they’d be pictures of my house!  😉

Nighty night y’all.


2 thoughts on “You’ve lost that Holiday Spirit …

  1. Aw, man, that’s what I get when I don’t catch up on my blogs for 24 hours: I miss your birthday. Happy Birthday! 😀

    A little background on the lights: two or three years ago I didn’t have any Christmas decorations. I was feeling a little down at the time (and of course then I was in a relationship, so you can only imagine how it is this year), and went out to the store to get some Christmas decorations. It was late in the season and all I could find was one little string of 50 lights. So I just sort of put them up over the bookcase.

    They cheered me up so much, I didn’t take ’em down til the end of January.

    Hope the holiday spirit finds you soon. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the B-day wish, GH.

    I would have to leave the lights up all year. Goodness knows, Hallmarks created a holiday for every occassion even those unknown to man!

    Cheer up, bud! We all luv ya!

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