Congrats Helio & Julianne!!

This was the best freestyle dance on Monday night:   

They did this same dance last night.  Last night’s quick step wasn’t on youtube, however, they were still so full of energy …  

I was happy to see Helio & Julianne win the competition last night.  Granted a woman hasn’t won yet, however, Helio did a great job for being a novice.  Also congrats to Mel B and Marie for making the finals.  That in itself is an accomplishment. 

It takes so much courage to do something like that.  To work your butt off through the pain in your feet/body/knees and come out and perform for a crowd, then hear what the judges think.   Could you do it???  

If I could lose as much weight as everyone did, I would try.  I’d have to hide my face as the scores were given, then I would need a major encouragement talk after to make it to the next week, provided I made it to the next week.  But alas, I’m not famous and not a star, so I guess I don’t have to worry about it! 


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