Dancing with the Stars Finale

Who will be the winner??  I am so tired right now, but I want to try and stay up to watch so I can vote … LOL … yes, I know, get a life!  I’m so impressed by all the weight everyone has lost on that show.  I saw an infomercial for a workout tape that included dancing moves to get your core body in shape along with the rest of the body.  Since I really wasn’t paying attention, I couldn’t find it on the internet.  Now I need to figure out which channel I was watching to see if I can get the name and order it!   So if any of you see that commercial, let me know the website!  I know Len, one of the Dancing Judges, was on the infomercial, but that’s about all I remember.

I was so revved up about the start of football season.  Do you know, I have not watched any college or pro games?!  So much for my football revving engines!  I don’t even know who is in what place!  Funny thing is that everyone at work hasn’t even talked about football.  Usually by now we have all kinds of heated debates and ribbing!

We ate at a casino tonight … no, I’ve not had my fill of casino food.  It’s quick, inexpensive and since we got there for the early bird dinners, we also receive shrimp cocktail and a scoop of ice cream in addition to our salad and entree.  We only have 6 more months and hubby will be eligable for the senior discount … LOL … I can’t wait!  It’s more like 13 months for me, since my birthday isn’t until December.   There are only a few significant times in our lives that one has to look forward to … let me explain … 16 – driver’s license; 18 – considered an adult & one can vote; 21 – can legally have liquor & gamble; 25 – car insurance rates go down; then ???  NOTHING until 50 – become a member of AARP and most places will give you senior discounts at 50!  No, I can’t wait, yes, I know … get a life!

So how was everyone’s Monday?  I felt like I had a turkey hangover … I started running out of steam around 1pm … I sssoooo wanted a nap!


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