Are you a worshipper?

I receive daily emails from Greg Laurie.  He is with Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA., and has a 30 minute program on one of the Christian Channels here.    I must admit, sometimes I read them and sometimes I don’t.  Today, I opened the Harvest:Weekend email from him and the first line of the email is:  Would you consider yourself a worshipper?  A couple of lines down he suggests that EVERYONE is a worshipper.

I can hear you all now, no, I’m not a worshipper, only Jesus freaks are worshippers or whatever.  Well, let’s think about this … How many of us while talking about a loved one or one they would like to love have said, “I worship the ground he/she walks on?”   How many of you have the attitude of it’s all about how you look?  OR it’s all about what you wear?  OR worship celebrities or sports stars or someone or something?? 

We were all created to worship.  And because of the free will we were given, we can choose who or what to worship.  Have you ever said to yourself that if I only had ____, I would be the happiest person alive?  Whatever that “___” is, did it really make you happy OR were you still looking for the next thing to make you happy or put meaning in your life?  The next car, the next job, the new hairdo, the new clothes, the new house, the new whatever!  Have you gotten that “___” and still don’t have a sense of satisfaction?

I am raising my hand to the above!  I have been there.  I have been insatiable.  I worshipped at the “Alter of the Mall”, as Greg Laurie calls it.  I’m not proud of it, however, I have been there.   

I was so restless that I could not, literally, sit still.  I would sit on the couch and my feet would move or I’d be moving.  My husband used to ask what is wrong, can’t you sit still?  I had no reason to give him.  All I could say was,  I was restless.  I felt like I had to do something.  What that something was, I had no idea, at the time. 

Have you ever driven by something and were pulled to go to a place you wouldn’t have thought of going?  I used to drive by the street our church is on and always felt a pull to go to that church to check them out.  I’d see their banner on the corner and always say to myself, yeah, I need to check it out, as I drove by.  I know what it is like to be pursued, like Jonah was.  As with Jonah, I finally said yes to Him.  My first meeting with the church was during their July Festival.  LOL, it was busy and there were people directing traffic.  I ended up being directed through the parking lot and found myself back on the street.  As I look back, I can definately see the battle between good and evil going on over my head.  Eight months later, I looked at my husband and told him I wanted to check this church out.  The look he gave me was not a pleasant one, since he had his fill of organized religions.  He went with me one day in March and we have become members of Carson Valley Christian.  A day we do not regret.

Once we started listening to the teaching each week and getting more involved, I noticed my restlessness was gone.  I could sit still and not feel like I had to be somewhere.  My soul was satisfied and peaceful.  What a change.  What a relief!  What a difference it made in my life.  I still struggle with issues, who doesn’t?  But it sure is nice to know I have someone to ask for help with my internal issues.  I know He always hears me and is there to lead me. 

Reason to Live by ZOEgirl:

There is a reason by Caedmon’s Call : 


2 thoughts on “Are you a worshipper?

  1. So I must admit I totally stumbled onto your site searching for the title of the song with the lyrics, “Saturday, here in the park, I think it was the 4th of july” or something like that and I thought it was a billy joes song but in your post you mentioned chicago and so i will look for that now, but then I started looking at your site and found the section on blessings and felt drawn to read more and I wanted to say I totally agree and can relate to your note on worshipping. I too used to worship material things – mostly having things that made me cool – to cover up how awful I felt inside. And I too one day felt the pull to something bigger, and at first I resisted, and in some ways I am still dragging my feet, but luckily Jesus is stronger than I am, and my desire to know God is stronger than my fears, and I have discovered the pure joy of letting myself be loved by God.

    The website I listed above is a site for a peace center that my church / spiritual school and community is building. It will include a temple where people of all faiths can come and pray for peace and will offer retreats to peace workers of all kinds at discounted costs so that they can recharge and then go back out into the world to love their brothers and sisters. I thought you appreciate it.

    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

    Peace be with you,

  2. Shakur,
    Thank you for sharing and visiting. I hope you will come back again. I will definately check out the website. God does work in many ways and I’m glad He is using my words to bring you closer to Him.

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