The past couple of mornings, driving to work, I have driven through fog.  How many of you enjoy fog?  The real soupy kind  of fog that you cannot see anything in front of you?  It got me to thinking about life and how we cannot see what is ahead of us.  Who do you trust when you cannot see?   The words “submit and trust the Lord” were going through my mind as I was blind.  How often do we do that?  Can you faithfully trust and submit your will to Him?  

That is something I am working on.  He can see 360 degrees around my life and knows what’s ahead.  I can only see here and now.  My husband and I have so many things that will affect our life in the next year.  I don’t even want to be the one to make a hasty decision and regret it later.  So, I will wait upon the Lord … Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Fog

  1. This is such a beautiful video, somehow the childs voice at the end really struck me.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you my friend and you and your husband navigate your way through this next year.
    I am like you still working on being able to just sit back contently and put all faith in the Lord. It is the thing to do, but still hard at times. As I “know” what is best for me and how I want things to turn out..
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your prayers.
    There are so many songs that have words that speak into my heart. Some that also speak my heart … I’m so thankful for the writers and singers that God is using to tell us that we are not alone. To have faith in Him no matter how bad a day one is having.
    You, my friend, are always in my prayers. Take care and stop by again. I love to see a friendly face!

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