Last day of recovery

Today is a bittersweet day, I cannot stand another day of daytime tele, however, the thought of the old rat race makes my skin break out, but then again, I need to earn money to pay bills, … argh … hate being a slave to my bills!

On the plus side, while I was eating smaller portions, I lost a few pounds … woohoo!!   Of course, now that I’ve been gradually introducing more food into my diet, (the last two nights have been spicy to see how I do with it) I need to start getting active to keep what I lost off and to continue to loose.  Easier said than done!

I see from my last post that my “Old Ugly Self” was disclosed.  I told you that self was scary!  At church yesterday, it seamed as though the teaching was meant just for me!  Amazing how that happens!   LOL, Seamonster, I put “like” in there, had to change it after I read your post!

After church we went for a little ride, we drove to Incline then down to Reno and back home.  I would have been better off if we did not get out of the car, however, when we were at the bottom of Mt Rose Hwy, at the outdoor mall with great sales … yup, you guessed it, I went into my $6.99 sale store and found jeans – that actually fit 🙂 – for $9.99 a pair!  Of course, I bought 2, don’t be silly!  Then I had to go to another store and get a body wash that I tried at my nephew’s house when we were in Vegas … who knew “Orange and Ginger” would smell so good!  We also wandered around the Orvis store.  Hubby gave me his wish list … LOL … I hope they have great sales before Christmas.  Even at sale price, I may not be able to afford it.

Can you believe how close Christmas is? 

3 thoughts on “Last day of recovery

  1. I’m jealous you found great sales! I hate shopping and when I do finally drag myself there, I don’t find anything I like that also fits!

    Glad to hear you are doing better and thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Congrats on feeling better, even if it means you have to jump back into the rat-race. Might I suggest, as you start having more food in your diet, a tasty turkey sandwich? 🙂

    Good luck on the first day back in the “real world”!

  3. Thanks GH. I wish I could make a turkey sandwich that looks as good as yours! Even with deli bought items, my sandwich still wouldn’t look as good as the one on your site!! Cranberry anyone??

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