I escaped!

Well, only for an hour.  I talked my husband into driving the truck so I had the automatic suv to drive.  I had to get out of the house or I was going to go nuts!  He apprehensively agreed.  I didn’t go too far, I just went to the grocery store to get his prescriptions filled.  While I was there, they were giving out their chicken nugget samples … guess what’s for dinner!  LOL … I’m glad I was already in line when the rib samples were going around.  I’m not sure tummy is ready for ribs, however, it has been doing okay with chicken, yes, even fried.

I did stop at Nevada Joe’s to get a small caramel chiller.  No coffee in this, but it is the next best thing! 

If I’m going to be ready for work on Tuesday, I’m gonna have to get my bumm outside and walk.  Just walking around the store my legs were quite shaky.  Glad the store and the house is only 10 minutes away.

Well, I’m gonna take a nap … am I gonna miss nap time come Tuesday!  I’ll have to find somewhere at work to disappear and snooze! 

Later y’all!


4 thoughts on “I escaped!

  1. May I suggest your next trip outdoors be under a tree? I was reading an article at the gym today about how there is a marked difference between just getting out of doors and getting out of doors in nature, and nature won hands down.

    Just a thought. Glad your recovery is going well!

  2. Thanks GH … I may have to go to the park in the middle of Minden and sit under the tree. This park has a big Gazebo in the middle, kinda like the one in the movie “Dead Zone”

  3. Dog Training, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your post about Skipper and Willie. I also have a Jack Russell, who has the run of the house. He has selective hearing. Only hears a treat bag or tuna can being opened, however, ignores us when we call him.

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