Back to work on the 30th

I saw the surgeon today and I am able to go back to work on the 30th of Oct.  Today is the first day of no pain meds, except for regular Tylenol for a headache.  

So, what have I watched today on the lovely Tele?  WEtv has a dancing realty show called, “Dirty Dancing” it is pretty interesting, but it is sad when they eliminate their contestants.  I guess if these individuals want to put themselves in that position, then they should have to take into consideration that they have a 2 in 3 chance to be eliminated.  Not good odds.  I don’t think I am brave enough for that, especially since the first of three is eliminated at the end of day one.  That just sucks!

The other show I’ve watched today is “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel.  Thanks to our son-in-law, we started watching this off and on through the year.  I love Mike Rowe!!  He’s either very brave or really stupid to do these jobs.  However, I think the ones that have these dirty nasty jobs as their way of making a living are really brave.  It makes you appreciate your own job, way more! 

The other shows I watched, although, I fell asleep during them, was on the Travel Channel.  One about Sea World, the other about Water Parks around the country.  I love Sea World and I sort of like water parks.  I’m not a big swimmer, however, if I can go on a ride in a tube and hang on for dear life, I’d enjoy it!

So today is elimination day on Dancing with the Stars.  Who do you think will be voted off?  It will be interesting to see what America decides.

Well, gonna see what else is on the tele … LOL … not much until tonight, but that’s okay, gives me an excuse to fall asleep again!

Caio!  Sayonara!  Au Revoir!  Paalam!  Adios!  Wouldn’t it be cool to be multi-lingual?  Hah, I can barely speak English, LOL … See ya!


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