Saturday, in the park, I think it was the 4th of July …

No, not the drugs  … just a song that keeps playing through my head.  For those youngins out there, the group was Chicago in the year 19sluhlkg … dang, showing my age again!    Yeah, okay, maybe it is the drugs, since it isn’t July and it isn’t warm and there are no people dancing, really smiling or a man selling ice cream!  Hmmm, now ice cream, that sounds really good!  It is just cold, windy and gray.

Chicago was one of my favorite groups in high school.  Along with America, Three Dog Night, Eagles, Doobie Bros., etc … why am I bringing this up?  LOL, I have no idea … however, notice how everything that was old is new again?  All of these groups are still performing.  They may not have all the original members, however, they are still out there singing.  How cool is that?

I would love to be a roadie for one of the Country or Christian Groups … to be there to set up, get things ready and to have that rush and the climax of watching them perform and know you were a small part of that performance!  How cool would that be?  LOL, yup that is on my list of things I want to be.  Think it will happen?  LOL … yea right!

So, back to reality, I’m doing ok.  I have not missed a pain dose, except for the middle of the night.  My hubby nurse won’t get that for me.  Of course, he is sound asleep and I hate to wake him when he’s sound asleep.  But,  the rest of the time, he’s been a great nurse, helping me when he’s home.  His two back up nurses (dog & cat) just watch me as one sleeps on the futon and the other sleeps next to me on the couch. 

Well, it’s toast time, as my hubby says, “The best toast is made by cheap bread!”  It sure is true, or at least it tastes really good to someone who was on a clear liquid diet! 

Later y’all,

peace out!


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