I like this schedule!

I have worked 2 days this week.  I could definately get used to this!  Yeah, I know, back to the real world of bills, etc … bummer dude!

Do you ever wonder where you will be in a year?  We’ve had something come up that could change our location or job or income or all of the above.  The craziest thing is one of the things that is forcing us to look at this, is future retirement.  Yeah, I know, I’m not that old … however, to be at that age to have to consider your retirement years and if insurance will be available, etc … that’s pretty frightening.    So our big question is, where will we be in a year?    How do you prepare for such a major change?    How do you make such a major change?   How do you conquer the fear of major changes?

The only way I know how to face these changes is to lift them up to Him for His guidance.  We cannot do these major changes without Him showing the way.   Now, for the hardest thing … waiting for Him and hearing His soft voice telling us which way to go. 

I am excited to see where He is going to lead us.  What He has in store for us.  I just hope I can stay out of His way to let Him do His work.  The Lord does amazing things, you just have to get out of His way so He can do it!  I know it is so much easier for me to jump in and do things my way … only to find, my way was the wrong way.  

One of the songs I hear as I travel to and fro is “My Jesus” by Todd Agnew.  Powerful words and video. 

One of the things He’s been tugging at my heart to do, is to work with the homeless.   I’m not sure where this will a lead, I just have to trust Him to guide me.  So, again, where will we be in a year?  Only He knows.

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