Vegas, baby!

Yup, packing my bags and getting ready to go.  Last of the laundry is in the dryer, hopefully they will be dry soon so I can hit the sack!  I didn’t forget the T-shirts I bought for the breast cancer walk.  Trying to make sure I have everything else … Hubby’s driving me to work in the morning and one of my co-workers is dropping me off at the airport. 

I am so ready to be out of town for a few days.  The last time was in March, I am definately ready for a change. 

I did watch Dancing with the Stars.  I loved Marie Osmond.  She is such a professional entertainer and a hard worker.  I know ballroom dancing is difficult and when hubby and I dance, it’s really for fun.  But all of the stars did great, even the ones where dancing is so out of their element. 

I just found this and had to add it.  Why do I like Marie in this … She’s almost the same age as me and she has the courage to do this … You go girl!!

Oh, also, I watched Ellen’s interview with Tom Selleck.  I didn’t realize his daughter is now 18.  Plus he has an avocado ranch.  Love those dang things!

Not much else is going on, however, I will leave you with this

Have a great weekend.  Yack at y’all when I get back.


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