Tom Selleck is back … WOOHOO!!!

Sorry all, however, I just watched the 2 hour season premier of Las Vegas (of course it was recorded, so I could zoom by the commercials).  Dang, didn’t Tom Selleck look good with his cowboy boots and all … not to mention how nice he looked in his tuxedo.  Well, I guess I have to add the show Las Vegas to my DVR list.   Me, a Tom Selleck fan?  You bet your sweet bippy I am!!  I have to put him in the same category as Sean Connery, ages very nicely.   Sorry, had to wipe the drool … LOL!  I’m not lusting, just stating fact!

Well, tomorrow is the day I go for my ultrasound results.  I’m not sure how I feel.  Not scared or worried, just apprehensive.  It may result in a little surgery, but … I’m getting ahead of myself.  I need to stay calm until I talk to the doc.  This should be interesting, after my doc visit, I have to help with our church kids for 2 1/2 hours in our weekly teaching.  I’m not sure if I’ll be a helper or teacher.  I told the director of children’s ministry to put me where she needed me. 

Wish me luck on both things, I’m going to bed early. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the good or bad news … LOL.   Nighty night all! 


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