I was asked to talk about the ministry I’m involved with at the women’s bible study tonight.  I had put off preparing for it, using my usual excuse that I would do it tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow never came, that is, until today, the day of the presentation.  Why do I procrastinate?  I was actually going to work on it this weekend, totally forgetting this past weekend was so busy with my ministry that I didn’t have the time to prepare.

So, tonight was scattered and I had to jump in and talk about what my ministry is.  So what is it that I do?  HAH, glad you asked … LOL … I have the privilige of working in the feeding ministry at our church, basically the food pantry.  We provide canned and non-perishable food to those who need it. 

My ministry is the Share ministry.  It is separate from the food pantry, however a part of food pantry.   This is a once a month program that brings in fresh fruit, fresh veggies, frozen meats and on occassion eggs & cheese into the pantry for giving.  These food packages are donated by our church family and we are able to give these out to the ones who visit our pantry in need of food. 

It is such a blessing to see the people’s faces when we hand them a bag of fruit/veggies & frozen meat in addition to the canned goods.  Let’s face it, how many of us have been or are now, in a position where you don’t know how you are going to feed your family.  Especially after rent, payments, utilities, etc need to be paid.  What is left?  I think I wrote in a previous post that it could happen to any one of us.  In a blink, we could be homeless, foodless, jobless, or feeling hopeless.   People are so greatful for whatever we can provide for them to get by.  

This is one of the outreach ministries at my church.  I’m thankful we have such a reaching leadership.   Our senior pastor has a favorite saying.  It’s to be “Jesus with skin on”  It’s not always easy, however, when you do, it is so fulfilling.


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