What a drive

Yesterday when I got off work, I drove to Reno to pick up the Save the Tatas shirts.  Since the store is in NW Reno and I work at the lake, I decided to drive the back way through Kings Beach and up to Truckee to I-80.  Then East on I-80 and oh what a view!  I forgot how beautiful the surroundings were and the Truckee River running through it all.   There are so many places to stop and wander.  I will have to check it out before the snow starts really flying.

It was a long drive back and I was pretty much wiped out when I got home.  There is so much beauty around this area and I need to appreciate it more. 

So what beauty is around your area that you need to take the time and smell the roses, so to speak?


2 thoughts on “What a drive

  1. What, no picture? 😉

    Seriously, though, I completely agree with everything you say in this post. There’s quite a lot around, if only one takes the time to look, even here in LA!

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