Am I Hot?

This is a question I asked my husband.  He looked at me and said, “Yes.” 

I smacked his leg and said, “Not that kind of hot!”  I was asking him if I had a fever!  LOL, let me tell you, no, I am not hot!  However, it’s nice hubby thinks I am. 

So, college football, Nevada beat Nicholl State.  Where is Nicholl State????  Anyway, Nebraska and UNLV lost this week.  I had to quit watching the Nebraska/USC game.  I was constantly yelling, to the point I had to shut my windows so the neighbors wouldn’t complain.   Oh well, maybe next week.

NFL … The Vikings lost by 3.  We didn’t get this game, so we didn’t watch it and I cannot justify buying the NFL package on Direct TV.  

We’ve had a busy day.  Had to get up early to make a 9:30am bible study class.  Yup, we were late.  Although, the class is proving to be quite interesting.  I’m glad we are taking this class together.  Then we went to church service, then grocery shopping.  Then home to do laundry.  LOL, aren’t you glad I shared?  

How fast the weekend goes, if only the week would go that fast!  Well, I hope you all have a great Monday.   I’m going to bed early tonight … I’m still tired.


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