County Fair in LA?

I just visited Geek Hiker’s blog.  He has 3 commercials for the county fair in LA.  You’ve gotta check them out.  Too funny! 

When we lived in Nebraska the kids and I would go to the state fair in Lincoln.  Of course, I went for the food, the kids for the rides.   I used to love their free concerts.  My husband and I would try to make it to one of the actual pay for concerts during that time, since it was so reasonable than it is now.  We actually saw Toby Keith for under $25.  Of course this was when he first started getting famous, but he still had a good show. 

There was a country western dance hall in Lincoln that we would see other acts for $10-$18, like the Bellamy Brothers.  They were pretty fun, plus you were able to dance to their songs on the floor. 

LOL, I guess there are a few things I miss about Nebraska.  I’m sure it has changed quite a bit in the 7 years we have been gone.  Now that my son and his family live there, I’ll have to visit.  See some of my former co-workers.  You know, shake up the town a little … HAH! 


2 thoughts on “County Fair in LA?

  1. You know, for a fair held in Los Angeles (actually quite a bit east of the city itself), there’s a surprising amount of “down-hominess” to it. If you ever went, you might be surprised.

    No doubt, however, that I would love to visit one of the smaller fairs in my travels…

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